Huge News For Local Lacrosse Fans

July 14, 2008 |

Inside Lacrosse has made two huge announcements for local college lacrosse fans. The Face-Off Classic will be played on February 29, 2009. The classic will have a major change though.

Since Syracuse and Virginia didn’t want to participate anymore the organizers had to go find 2 new teams to play as the second game with Johns Hopkins and Princeton. I think local fans will like trhe fact that next year it will be Maryland vs. Duke. Maryland will be loaded with all of their young talent coming back and Duke has some question marks but should be good again.

The other big news is on April 11, 2009 they will have the “Day of Rivals.” It will be Army/Navy and Johns Hopkins vs. Maryland on the same field. These two games always draw really well and with them on the same field who knows what the crowd will be.

What are your thoughts about these two big events?