I Accept Chad Ochocinco’s Offer …..

September 15, 2010 |

The Ravens are just four days away from meeting the Cincinnati Bengals in the first of two power-packed showdowns in this 2010 season. Since it’s Bengals week, we know what to expect, right? You can readily depend on the following …..

A) Talk of increased pressure in a divisional matchup, especially as it involves the defending AFC-NORTH Champions

B) Discussion of whether the Ravens can contain Cedric Benson, given he rushed for 100+ yards in both 2009 contests

C) A colorful gesture or offer to Baltimore, courtesy of Chad Ochocinco

Of course, we’ve already started talking about the first two topics. And, with special thanks to Twitter, we have been graced with Chad’s good natured and generous offer to Baltimoreans. Yesterday evening, Chad tweeted the following message …..

Anybody want to fly and watch this weeks game in Cincy, my treat? Ravens n Bengals = great football

Let me use this occasion to take Chad up on his offer. I would absolutely LOVE to fly to Cincinnati for the Ravens/Bengals game, especially if it’s on Chad’s dime. In fact, I would be honored.

But, why me? Why should he extend the privilege to a middle-aged, balding, slightly overweight talk show host?

Well, it makes perfect sense from a promotions standpoint. Chad loves marketing and promotion ….. and I would certainly promote this little excursion like a rockstar. Self indulgent? That’s me !!!!

That said, I realize there must be something that sets me apart from others. And, this is where my creativity comes into play. If Chad selects me, I will dress like this on the plane to Cincinnati …..

That’s right, in the spirit of all things INES SAINZ, I will sport a sexy, revealing halter top, man boobs included. I will force myself into the tightest possible, low cut jeans. And, I will even apply some cakey blush and smokin’ sheer pink lipstick. I will be one UNSEXY sight. But, I’ll do it …..

How’s that for original?

However, in full disclosure, I wanna be 100% upfront in proclaiming that upon leaving Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, I will stop by the nearest fast food joint’s bathroom to slip out of (or cut off) the ridiculous outfit and put my Ravens gear on. After all, I’m in town for a smash mouth football game !!!!

Well, that’s it. This is my official acceptance and response to Chad’s offer on Twitter. Do you think he’ll bite?

You can certainly support it, especially if you wanna see me walking through BWI Airport dressed like Ines Sainz …..

It’s simple, just tweet Chad :  OGOchocinco

You can also Facebook Chad :  Chad Ochocinco

We’re just four days away from the Ravens and Bengals sqaring off in this heated AFC-NORTH rivalry. Let the fun begin !!!!