I am a supporter of Gary Williams but…

March 10, 2008 |

I am done. I can’t defend him anymore. I have given all the arguements…bad luck…bad kids…unfair decisions, but here is the reality.

Unless they make a run to the finals of the ACC tourney…its 3 out of 4 years not in the NCAA tourney.

Since the two final four seasons (with 1 championship) MD has yet to capitalize on that success. In my view they should be a national power after those years and instead they are a constant bubble team.

We see promise in some players for a year or two just to see then regress…that list grows every year.

I am tired of hearing Garyland tell me that MD is judged unfairly because they play with UNC and DUKE….I am tired of blowing leads, I am tired of not making the NCAA tourney…basically I am tired of GARY’s act…its worn thin on me and I am sure on the players and potential recruits…

Time for a change…time to bring the program a breath of fresh air…

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