I am not leaving WNST but I do have a 7-year itch

July 14, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I wish I could say Tuesday’s “apparent resignation” was a well orchestrated skit of some kind.

It wasn’t. 

I’d like to yell “Gotcha!” to all 30 of you who responded to the blog I wrote this morning and said, “You’re leaving?”.  

If you LISTENED to the show on Tuesday, you’d know that today, 7/14/09, marks my 7-year anniversary at the station.  Glenn and I talked about it throughout the show and I even inducted five listeners into the brand new Comcast Morning Show Listener Hall of Fame (more on that tomorrow).

I threw up the “It’s been a great 7 years” blog right at the end of the show as sort of a formal “thank you” to all of you who have been supportive in the 7 years.  

I didn’t do it to be misleading — even though now, when I read it, I can clearly see where it might look like a “going away blog”. It was literally something I wrote in about 30 seconds or so and just posted it and thought nothing else of it.

Then, when I finished my second round of the Maryland Open around 6:30pm tonight, I checked my cell phone and had 18 texts and 10 missed calls over the five hours or so that I went without checking my phone.   Holy cow…

Evidently DCRTV reported I was leaving.  Some other web site in town that’s so up on their Ravens coverage they didn’t have a retirement story on Derrick Mason yesterday also “reported” that I might be leaving, then clarified that it was a publicity stunt. Wrong.  It was just an honest blog faux pas.  Some people would be better served improving their Alexa numbers and leaving the real journalism to others.

You might be disappointed to read this and find out I’m staying.  Deal with it.  😉

It HAS been a great 7 years.  I apologize if my blog from today misled anyone.  It was completely unintentional.

Woulda been a helluva gag to pull though.

But that’s not my style.  I’m already partly responsible for the greatest April Fools prank in Baltimore sports radio history. Nothing could ever top the Tim Couch story from 2003.  

I’m out of the prank business.

This was just a blog written in a rush that lacked some detail.  My bad.

Then again, if you listened to the show today…