I can’t help it…I’m all in for “The Favre Show”

November 01, 2010 | Drew Forrester

I might need counseling on this, but I’ve now become a Favre-a-holic.

Three weeks ago, I was Favre’d-out.

Now…I can’t get enough of Brett.

I have to admit something and it’s going to sound macabre, but yesterday, after all, was Halloween. I watched most of the Patriots-Vikings game fully expecting that Favre might actually get killed during the game.

And there for a minute in the 4th quarter, when he wobbled off the field and was basically laid in the medical cart while trainers attended to him, I thought the Patriots might have actually finished #4 off.

In fairness to Favre, that’s probably the way he wants to go out.

That reminds me of a song by The Smiths called “There is a light that never goes out”. The lyrics include the phrase, “And if a double decker bus, crashes into us, to die by your side, is such a heavenly way to die.”

To me, as I watch Favre now, his “heavenly way to die” would be on the football field. There’s not much argument about this: Perhaps no football player in history would be immortalized the way Brett would if, in fact, he met his demise on a 3rd and 16 play where he scrambled around for 8 seconds, slipped, got up, threw a pass (that probably gets picked) and then five defensive players converged on him and suffocated him right then and there.

If any player ever DESERVED to perish on the field, it’s Favre.

Give the guy credit. If he lost his left leg in a game, he’d be listed as “questionable” on the injury report for the following Sunday’s game.

As I watched him on Sunday, it dawned on me that the league (and maybe Favre himself) should start playing up the “warrior role” every chance they get.

Let’s do an exercise.

I’m going to write a new idea for Favre’s introduction in Minnesota this Sunday when the play the Arizona Cardinals.

Imagine if you will, for a second, how the crowd gets fired up in Baltimore when Ray Lewis comes out and does his thing at home games. You make it a point to be in your seat for