I can’t help it…I’m all in for “The Favre Show”

November 01, 2010 | Drew Forrester

the introductions, hoping the the club brings out the defense last so Ray-Ray can do the dance and send you into hysterics.

OK, now…let me take you live to Mall of America Stadium next Sunday when the Vikings host the Cardinals.

The Vikings offense gets introduced…they wait until the very end to introduce the quarterback.

(And here’s where you have to use your imagination. I want you to follow the directions a little bit…)

Click this right here – now – for the music.

And just imagine the announcer says this as you hear the music in the background:

“And starting at quarterback”… (Favre comes through the tunnel, walking, not running, but walking out to the corner of the end zone. He’s dressed in a long, black coat.)

“For YOUR Minnesota Vikings…”

(Favre stands by himself. Takes off the black coat to reveal his uniform.)

“He will NOT go away. He will NOT be terminated. He IS, the man who lives forever.”

(Favre goes down on one knee. Bows his head.)

“YOUR quarterback, FOREVER, #4, Brett Favre!”

Tell me that music and that introduction wouldn’t completely justify Favre’s continued existence.

He is, for sure, the man who will not go away, much like The Undertaker, the professional wrestler’s music I just used for the Favre introduction at the game vs. Arizona this week.

I know he throws a lot of picks. I realize Brett Favre has outlived his welcome. I completely get it.

But it’s now become the story every Sunday.

It’s not whether or not the Vikings win.

It’s this: Can the other team knock him out and end his streak?

Can someone put Brett Favre away?

I really thought the Patriots were going to terminate him yesterday.

But they couldn’t.

No one can.

He is the man who can’t be terminated.

I’ll watch every Vikings game from here on in just to see if he might get killed in the game.

After all, it would be a heavenly way for him to go out.