“I didn’t always lose. I won’t always lose again.”

May 03, 2009 |

As the O’s drop their sixth in a row, I can’t help but think of the movie Cinderella Man.

Let me explain.

In the film, Russell Crowe plays Great Depression era boxer Jim Braddock, who was once the pinnacle of success but suffers a string of losses and bad luck which has a harmful effect on him and his family. He’s at wits end, and just when things are about as low as they can be, Braddock gets his shot at redemption, begins to win again and makes it back on top.

It’s the ultimate story of optimism. Because when everyone else gave up on Jim, he didn’t. His family didn’t. He lost and lost and lost…. and lost. But as the title of this post suggests… he won’t always lose.

Enter the Orioles.

We’ve seen them lose games in the same fashion over and over for the past decade. But they’ve been successful before. They may be tarnished now, but that doesn’t take away from what they once were, and can be again one day.

My point here is, while we the fans of the Orioles are already getting into that pessimistic mind set when it comes to the O’s, especially after the most recent losing streak, it’s important to have to glimmer of optimism. Because if we didn’t truly believe, somewhere, that the Orioles can someday get it together and become a successful ball club one day, why would we bother watching them now. A commitment to the past? I prefer a commitment to the future.

It’s frustrating and heartbreaking, but they’re still the Orioles. They didn’t always lose. They won’t always lose again.