I haven’t even seen my baby boy yet…and I’m already at a crossroads

May 29, 2007 | Drew Forrester

So my wife and I are having a baby boy in late July.  It’s our first, which means we’re getting lots and lots of great gifts from all sides of the family.

Well, we’re still two months away from the big day and I’ve reached my very first “daddy crossroads”.

My wife’s aunt and uncle live in Pittsburgh…they sent a baby gift to Baltimore…you guessed it – HORROR! – it’s a Steelers bib, Steelers bottle, Steelers towel (for Baby Ethan to throw-up on…appropriately…hee hee) and Steelers pacifier.

Wait, it gets worse.  I think.

This weekend, my wife’s nephew (wait, that makes him MY nephew too…sorry) – Austin – gave us a baby gift as well.

Evidently, Austin doesn’t get the Comcast Morning Show in Hagerstown.

He gave Baby Ethan an Orioles “onesie”, complete with a baby O’s cap.

How much worse can it get?

I now have to choose between outfitting little Ethan in either Steelers garb or orange and black Orioles gear.

Seriously, which way should I go?

What a sad state of affairs our sports community is in when a guy in Baltimore can’t decide between the Steelers and Orioles.

Don’t they make Ravens baby clothes?  LOL

So I guess the ONLY natural solution for this crossroads is to take a picture of Ethan wearing his Steelers stuff – then a picture of Ethan in that Orioles onesie…save the pictures…send them out to the family…then “re-gift” both of them and present them to the next member of the family who’s ready to bring a new baby in the world!

‘Cuz there’s no way in hell my little boy is going to sit at my dinner table wearing Steelers garb and there’s no way he’s wearing Orioles stuff either – until those onesies read “BALTIMORE” across the front, that is.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Good to hear Hopkins won in lacrosse but sort of sad for Duke.  Would have been a heckuva story if they could have pulled it off.

Talk to you all in the AM.

P.S.  I was only kidding about the re-gifting idea…well, with one team, anyway.