I hope the Ravens watched Monday Night Football …..

December 07, 2010 |

You got that? Brady’s bunch usually beats on an opponent, while finding a way to ultimately affix their cleats upon the throats of defenders. Quite bluntly, they wear teams down with a short game, rather than depending upon a field stretching homerun.

I realize Joe Flacco is NOT Tom Brady – comparing them is tremendously unfair to the Ravens young quarterback. Flacco has played very well and he’s currently enjoying a season that’s building atop his first couple campaigns.

But, Flacco has shown the poise, ability and intellect to lead an NFL offense. Let him do it …..

The Patriots humiliated the Jets, last night. They did it by finding weaknesses and executing upon smart decisions. They didn’t complete 7 yard passes on 3rd down and 8 …..

Aside from Brady, they do it with a collection of playmakers that do not match the Ravens in overall talent. Yet, they always find a way …..

Oh yeah, I haven’t really addressed the tight ends. Of course, I’ve saved this part for a reason. Bill Belichick masters an innate ability to work a corps of players into a gameplan. Back in April, he followed suit with the Ravens and drafted a couple “high ceiling” tight ends.

However, in contrast to the Ravens, Belichick uses his young candidates. Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski share a rotation with veteran Alge Crumpler. While Crumpler certainly doesn’t merit the impact of Todd Heap, rookies Hernandez and Gronkowski have capitalized on opportunities.

The Ravens rookie tight ends, Ed Dickson and Vince Pitta have played sparingly this season. And, on Sunday night, when they were really needed, both players pretty much lived up to their inexperience and lack of opportunity.

No doubt, they’ll be getting plenty of exposure during this week’s practices and next Monday’s game against the Texans. With Todd Heap unlikely to play, Dickson and Pitta will be expected to step up.

I would just feel better about their situation if both players saw a little more action thru the first 12 weeks of the season. Once again, I wish the Ravens would do things more like Bill Belichick. After all, his decisions usually work tremendously.

Finally, lets address strength of opponents …..

I’m certain a reader or two will defend the Ravens offensive woes against Pittsburgh by citing the mighty Steelers defense. Well, just remember Tom Brady kicked their asses, too ….. just 3 short weeks ago.

It’s time to start beating opposing defenses into submission. The Ravens have the talent to exploit secondaries, but they’ve failed to really employ an aggressive attack. This week’s opponent has one of the worst defensive units in the game; punish them for 4 entire quarters.

If, by chance, a blueprint is needed …. just look at the New England Patriots .