I love the Ownership and Mgmt. of the Ravens

February 22, 2010 |

Steve Bisciotti has become a premier owner in the NFL.  He’s not scared to make tough decisions and he’s willing to do what it takes to put Baltimore in a position to win  another Championship.  “The wizard of Oz” title has been relinquished from Ozzie Smith and was fedx’d to Ozzie Newsome years ago. Year after year some people criticize his picks, and 96% of the time they’re wrong,  his record (along with his staff) is arguably among the best, along with the Steelers in the 70’s, the Cowboys in the 90’s and the Patriots in the 2000’s. To have the freedom to make these stellar picks year after year, you have to credit the ownership, Art Modell included. What a seamless transition it was from Art to Steve, on the outside at least.  As average fans, other than a couple of injury prone seasons, the Ravens have always put a quality team on the field.  Now with,  “Brady rule football”, becoming the norm, the Ravens are in prime position to be an offensive power, without losing too much on the defensive side. Thank you Steve, for continuing to make the Ravens a powerhouse in the NFL.  Hey, PETER! ARE YOU LISTENING? Do we really have to talk about how the O’s are improving, (boring) and there farm system is one of the best (like we don’t hear that enough) and this year should be marked improvement bla bla bla. Peter, go ask to be an intern at the Ravens this year, please.