I Only Trade the Future if The Price is Right

June 08, 2014 | James Revere

As another day of incompetency infuriates the Oriole faithful, it wouldn’t surprise me if the rumor mill starts winding up again in regards to our need to sure up our starting rotation. Now granted, something good was allowed to happen this weekend. Kevin Gausman, free of pneumonia, was allowed to start a game full strength on regular rest. The results we nothing short of fantastic. Seven innings with only one blemish on an otherwise stellar evening. That was the best quality start we’ve had since Tillman’s shutout in Kansas City.

Bad news also comes this way for our staff. Miguel Gonzalez and his streak of quality starts goes on the disabled list with a strained oblique. His supposed replacement, Johan Santana, tears his Achilles tendon. So close to making a stellar comeback, and it’s stolen right from his hands. So now, we have a dilemma in that we no longer have to ask who’s going to the bullpen when Johan gets up, it’s who’s left to fill out our top five.

Now the sexy name on everybody’s lips was Jeff Samardzija. He’s still there and would still cost the king’s ransom to acquire him. I personally see no justifiable reason to trade two of our future starters for a year and a half of a guy who has never truly dominated at this level until now. While he has been very good, this is the weak hitting NL Central. A switch to the power hungry AL East could spell disaster.

I would, however; sacrifice two pieces if it were for a proven commodity. While the chances of this happening within the division is highly unlikely, I’d say call the Rays and make your bid for David Price.

He has owned the AL East since he came here. Other than our birds, no team is hitting higher than .255 in the division. In a group of teams where everybody loves the long ball, having a staff ace capable of keeping it in the ballpark on that level would be essential to keeping this “window” open. Now of course, the only true question is who do we give up?

After what we saw Saturday, I think it’s safe to say Gausman is a no go. They most certainly wouldn’t want Bundy given his recovery from surgery. So that leaves Eduardo Rodriguez or Hunter Harvey. Flip a coin here folks. I personally would hate to see Rodriguez go. Power throwing lefties with his skill set are far and few between. Harvey is still the big unknown but seems to have the poise needed to make a quick journey through the organization. With Chance Sisco, Chris Jones, and Miguel Gonzalez perhaps, this may be a package big enough to get it done.

So don’t start praying for Samardzija just yet. While I think the more realistic aim is bringing back Jason Hammel, (whom I said we should have brought back ages ago), let’s see if Dan Duquette can get really creative. Let’s truly see, if the Price is right.