I passed up golf for this?

January 15, 2008 | Drew Forrester

So, I’ve joined the maniacs out here at Owings Mills.  I haven’t been on a stake-out in a long time (this could be my first one, actually) so I figured I’d see what all the excitement is here at the media center.

I brought Casey some Chicken Lo Mein for lunch.  He must have liked it.  It’s all gone.

The biggest news since I arrived is that Brill Garrett – wife of coaching candidate Jason – hopped into Dick Cass’ car with two other women and pulled out of the facility parking lot about 45 minutes ago.

Yep, it’s been a slow last hour or so.  Brill Garrett is driving around Owings Mills right now.  That’s about as “breaking news” as it gets.

I could have played golf at Mountain Branch today and won some diaper money for Ethan.  Instead, I’m here with 20 other people wondering when the big announcement is going to be made.  It’s not much of a stake-out, truth be known.

Dave Ginsburg of the AP just arrived.  They wouldn’t have been able to drag him out of bed at 12 noon if something important wasn’t going to happen!

They DO have a really nice practice putting green out in front of the main entrance at the facility.  I have my clubs in the car.  Maybe I’ll practice my putting for a while until another car pulls into the parking lot.