August 25, 2007 | WNST Interns

If you were listening to CHICKEN BOX FRIDAY this week you heard Spencer Folau and I go through what we envision the 2007 Baltimore Ravens Final Roster will look like … if you were not listening … shame on you … if it is half as fun as we have in the studio…it’s the most fun you will have listening to the radio all week … SO HERE WE GO:

QBs: McNair, Boller and Troy Smith

RBs: McGahee, Anderson, Musa Smith, P.J. Daniels, Green and McClain (I think they should try and keep Pruitt Jr., he runs the ball hard, but I do not think they will)

WRs: Mason, Clayton, Williams, Figures, Darling and Moore (I would love to see them keep Willis and Linson, since Moore and Darling have had 3 years and done nothing … but again don’t think they will)

TEs: Heap, Wilcox and Sypniewski

OL: Brown, Chester, Fylnn, Grubbs, Gaither, Yanda, Ogden, Terry and Vincent. (I think Rymph is close but I think Vincent get the nod)

DL: Pryce, Ngata, Gregg, Bannan and Edwards

LBs: Lewis, Scott, Suggs, Stills, Johnson, Haley, Burgess and Barnes

DBs: McAlister, Rolle, Landry, Reed, Sapp, Prude, Pittman and Ivy

Specialty: Stover, Kock, B. J. Sams, Katula

There you go … I would also like to see them keep Lyold as a kickoff specialist, but do not think they have the room …. If they did I think P.J. Daniels is in trouble …

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