I should write for The Sun

July 18, 2008 | Keith Melchior

Just picked up The Sun sports section from Wednesday and saw that Jeff Zrebiec rated the Orioles in the first half…so being an amateur journalist ($5 word for blogger) I thought I’d compare my ratings of last week to his.

I think I should have copyrighted my work. Of 21 players we both rated, I rated 9 players higher and we agreed on 5. Our assessments are almost the same. That means this blogger from Hamilton is about equal to a professional sportswriter, not to mention I haven’t been to an Oriole game in 3 years.

So, why can’t I write and rate for The Sun?  I wouldn’t command a very high salary. Come to think about it, I am better off expressing my views on WNST.net where the real sports fans come for entertainment.

Have a good weekend everyone.