I still hate the Colts

November 18, 2009 | Paul Hoke

Here they come again. Another season, and the Colts are staring us down once again. The horseshoe is coming home once again. And you know what? I still hate them.

Look, I’ve gotten over the whole Baltimore Colts issue. I was a kid when I saw actual Baltimore Colts football, and it wasn’t very good. The late 70’s, early 80’s Colts football was pretty brutal to watch. I’ve gotten over the fact that they used to be our Colts. That happened the night the Colts came in here during the playoffs a few years back and left with a 15-6 victory. The Ravens are my team, and I live and die with them. But I still hate the Colts.

I hate them for my grandfather, I hate them for my father. I hate them because they’ve done nothing but slap the Ravens around for the last few years. They’re coming into my city, my stadium with a 9-0 record. And I hate them. I hate (but respect) Peyton Manning, I hate Dwight Freeney, I hate Robert Mathis….I hate everything blue and white. But I have gotten over the whole Baltimore Colts thing….or have I??

Go Ravens!!!! Please beat these guys for the love of God!!