I Think This Pie Is Bad

April 22, 2009 | Tom Clayton

With Felix Pie looking more clueless than Brittany Spears at a Parenting Convention it is time to let Lou Montanez take his shot a becoming the Orioles everyday Left Fielder.  I understand Pie was the Cubs Minor League Player of the Year twice and considered one of the best prospects in all of baseball just a few years ago but I have seen enough.  So far this season Pie is hitting an Earth shattering .147 with one home run and two RBI’s.  The number one hole in Pie’s game throughout his career has been his eye at the plate and plate discipline but from what I see Pie has learned nothing from this criticism.  In 34 at bats this season he has struck out 11 times and has an on base percentage of just .216.  If Pie was having these troubles at the plate but was fielding his position well I may be able to cut him some slack.  Instead Pie looks like he has no idea what he is doing in the outfield; he has horrible recognition of the ball off the bat.  Pie rarely is in position to comfortably field any fly ball; each ball hit to him is packed with more adventure then any Indiana Jones movie I have ever seen.  I equate Pie to the Daniel Cabrera of position players he has the talent to be an All Star but lacks the heart or mental makeup to become a dependable major league player.


Meanwhile all Lou Montanez does is hit.  Last season with the big league club he hit .298 with three home run and 14 RBI’s in just 112 at bats.  Before being called up Monday Montanez was hitting .429 with a .500 on base percentage in 10 games at Norfolk.  I understand that Montanez is 27 while Pie is only 25 but Montanez is the kind of guy I would want on my roster.  While Montanez has never been the blue chip prospect Pie is he is a player who is all heart and one of the hardest workers in the organization.


I understand what Andy MacPhail is attempting to do by giving Pie an opportunity to play everyday and see what we have.  I think I already see what we have a solid left fielder who can get on base and has a great makeup; the only problem is that player isn’t Felix Pie is Lou Montanez.