If Andy MacPhail Calls The Shots …. This Can Wor

June 19, 2007 | WNST Interns

That’s right, the Orioles have finally made a move that might pay off. I fully realize this opinion will paint me as a dissenter with my WNST brethren. My friends and the few folks who read my blogs have gotta be ready to fall from their chairs. But, yes, I really think the hiring of Andy MacPhail could be a measurable step in the right direction for this team.

Think about it …. the Orioles have finally brought in an individual with credibility and a proven track record. It’s been nearly ten years since the Orioles handed the leadership reigns to a guy who’s actually won a World Series. Pat Gillick was the last true, credible commander of this ship. And, Andy McPhail could be just the guy they need.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been telling anybody who will listen (blogs, with Popovec on last Friday’s Morning Show and on the Sunday Show) that the Orioles need to start following the “blueprints” of the Minnesota Twins and Oakland A’s. So, with yesterdays’ addition of Mr. MacPhail, the architect behind a couple Twins world championships over a five-year period, the Orioles could finally be headed in the right direction.

That said …. this will only work if Andy MacPhail has full control and discretion in all decisions regarding the forward progress of this franchise. I suggest this move is being made with an understanding that Mr. MacPhail needs each of the next 42 days to decide “who goes and who stays.” I further suspect he already plans on making wholesale, distinguishable moves …. even if the names involved hold a special place in the owner’s heart.

If the birds were content to follow their customary routine, and merely maintain the “status quo” over the remainder of the season, there would’ve been no need to dispatch Sam Perlozzo and still pay him. There would’ve been no need to hire and pay a guy to make decisions, above Mike Flanagan. And, there would’ve been no need to bring in another field manager (to succeed Trembley) …. whether, it’s Joe Girardi, Joe Namath or Joe Cocker, the next guy has to get paid, too.

We know Mr. Angelos is tight with the buck. Thus, why would he commit all these financial resources, if he wasn’t going to truly commit to change. I honestly believe change – and change for the better, is coming. It’s gonna start with a change in decorum and overall attitude within that clubhouse, and it’s gonna carry into a “revitalization” of the franchise’s internal parts.

If we commit to rebuilding, by a credentialed baseball executive, this can work. However, he cannot be deterred or overruled when it comes to logical, yet, redefining decisions. If he isn’t obliged this latitude …. it won’t work. Thus, the commitment to “change” seeps to the office of Mr. Angelos, himself. If Mr. MacPhail doesn’t have that sole authority and distinction …. they’ll be introducing the next C.O.O. by Christmas.

I think things will change – for the better. At least, the potential exists for such hope. If Andy MacPhail truly gets to govern the kingdom, he can make it a winner again. And, that’s all fans want. The people of this town are tired of losing and they’re tired of broken promise after broken promise. I hope the Orioles really understand this …. and commit to ensuring this next promise is kept.

In the end, fans just wanna win. The people of this town don’t really care:

About another regurgitated Cal Ripken bobblehead night …. or ….
Whether Nestor ever gets a press pass …. or ….
If I ever write another blog ….

They just wanna win. And, with Andy MacPhail at the helm, it can happen. It’s gonna take time and a commitment. But, if they “stick to the plan” or “blueprint” this can happen. It will take another losing season or two. But, we’ll see hustle and hard-nosed field play in the meantime.

If they don’t quit on themselves and us, again, we could see a good, young on-field product by 2009 or 2010. Can you imagine attending a playoff game in October, 2009? Wow …. that’s what I’m talking about.

So, write it down and keep this blog. We’re headed in the right direction …. and this is gonna work. We’re the “Baltimore Twins” and that’s fine with me. Oh yeah – and we can finally put the RIDICULOUS Mark Teixera talk to rest. It’s not MacPhail’s style …. Thank God.