If LeBron thinks “The Decision” was tough…

July 08, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Thank God that’s over.

I actually had to follow the NBA for the better part of a day or two.

And in all honesty, LeBronaroo was more exciting than 90% of the NBA’s regular season games.

But now that we know The King is going to invade South Beach, we can talk about what really matters.  We won’t actually see the whole thing play out for another 11 months or so, but rest assured next spring the only thing that will matter is this:  Will Miami win?

They better win.

If The King and his two Apostles – Bosh and Wade – don’t bring home the trophy next season, they’ll be the laughingstock of the league.  Plenty of folks would LOVE to see that, of course, because a lot of people in America who are jealous of wealthy African American athletes revel in their failures.

Personally, I don’t care enough about the NBA to root FOR or AGAINST LeBron James.

And while I thought “The Decision” TV spectacle was a pretty big waste of time, I do understand and agree with LeBron that it’s his right, in the collective bargaining agreement, to sign with whatever team he chooses.  The man wants to win.  And he assumes – rightly, it appears – that moving on to Miami gives him the best chance to win.

But it’s also evident that he’s going to Miami because of the Bosh and Wade connection.  If those two guys weren’t there, he wouldn’t be in Miami. So they’ve teamed up – the three of them – to conquer the world.

Well, they better conquer it.

And next spring, when the playoffs roll around, anything less than a championship won’t be good enough.  That might be compelling enough to watch the NBA next season.  The pressure on those three will be immense, but it will spill out of LeBron come playoff time because he’s the one who had the TV show and he’s the one who made us all watch that and he’s the one who did it “his way”.

And he’s the one who left his hometown and headed for Sexy South Beach.

Pressure makes athletes do great things.

They better win in Miami next season. People will be watching.  And waiting for those three to fail.

Maybe that was part of the plan from the beginning.