If you get spooked by ghosts, don’t read this — it’s ALL true (Oh, and “hey mom!”)

July 21, 2009 | Drew Forrester

As the title states, this is NOT something you will want to read if you’re skittish about ghosts, stories from “the beyond” and anything else that deals with death and such.  Or, maybe you’re not skittish about it — yet.  You might be after you read this.

And the only reason I’m posting this today is because I think it’s an amazing story.  Scary, maybe, but still a great story.  

This has nothing to do with sports.

It has to do with my mother.

My mom passed away on July 21, 1987.  She battled stomach cancer for about four years before finally leaving us.  

Here now, is the story.

My mother’s death certificate listed her time of death at 1:59 AM on July 21, 1987.  She worked at the hospital (North Arundel in Glen Burnie) where she died, so it was naturally a very trying time for the staff there.  A nursing assistant called my house in Glen Burnie at 2:04 AM to tell my dad and I that she had passed away.  I remember the time, obviously, because when the phone rings at that time of the morning, you remember it.  

Here goes — you can choose to believe this or not, but it’s the gospel truth.  

Every single July 21st since that one on July 21, 1987, I have been awakened within minutes (one way or the other) of 1:59 AM.

It happened again this morning.  I woke up from a sound sleep at 2:05 AM.  Ethan wasn’t stirring or asking for a “Ba-ba” (bottle) in the other room.  I wasn’t cold.  I was sound asleep.  Until I woke up.  

I looked at the clock.  It was 2:05 AM.

I didn’t even know it was July 21, to be honest.  I hadn’t thought about it yesterday.

I wasn’t sure the clock was right, so I looked at my cell phone and that’s when I saw:  2:05 AM July 21 

Every July 21 since my mom passed away, “someone” or “something” has awakened me right around 2:00 am. 

It’s happened every…single…year.  For the last 22 years.

I’ve become accustomed to this “greeting” from my mom.  I used to be quite spooked by it.  Now, I think it’s really cool.