If’s And But’s …. And Some Classic Baltimore History

July 23, 2009 |

“If” Derrick Mason would’ve informed the Ravens of his feelings and potential desire to step away from the game when the inner thoughts originally surfaced six months ago, would the Ravens have pursued a certain BIG NAME talent, again?

We are led to believe the Baltimore Orioles are getting better under the leadership of Andy MacPhail – who assumed control nearly two years ago. Adam Eaton – check, Rich Hill – check, Mark Hendrickson – check, Pedro – ummm. “But,” more importantly, the Orioles record on July 23rd over the past 6 years is …..

2004/ 43-51
2005/ 50-45
2006/ 44-55
2007/ 44-54
2008/ 48-51
2009/ 41-53

“If” given a choice, would you spend next Tuesday at McDaniel College, watching the Ravens rookies OR would you prefer an evening witnessing the big league debut of Chris Tillman, at Camden Yards?


I’ll be on vacation next week, which means I’ll be missing young Mr. Tillman, the Ravens first few days of camp and the WWE Smackdown Event at 1st Mariner Arena, on Tuesday. “But,” this really means I’ll be missing the special cage match between Lil Wayne, umm I mean, Lil Glenn Clark and the Fabulous Moolah.

“If” I have the choice between going to a soccer game on a gorgeous Friday night, in July, OR getting my fingernails clipped, you’ll find me with clippers in hand. Indeed, I’m gonna find out if these “nail clipping sessions” experienced by the Non-NASCAR fans are really something special.

I’m with Ray Bachmann, Jim Rome, Thyrl Nelson and many others – I’m happy the soccer fans, in the Mid-Atlantic area are being treated to Friday’s exhibition at M&T Bank Stadium. “But,” I still can’t get excited about a game dominated by players from foreign cultures and with a very low scoring ratio. Alas, I’m not the only one !!!!

“If” the economy is so BAD, why is the American Idols Tour stop @ 1st Mariner Arena, on August 5th nearly sold out? No, I have never attended such a show, but it might just inspire me to attend a soccer exhibition.

Ravens fans are probably feeling pretty excited about home games against the Chiefs, Broncos and Colts. “But,” scalpers are undoubtedly disappointed the team is on the road against some pretty big names.

“If” the new Dover Downs Sports Betting Parlor lays odds on Dave Trembley returning as the Orioles manager, in 2010, I’m likely to equate the possibility to the chances of me being mistaken for Brad Pitt, anytime soon.

And, finally, today might just be an ordinary July 23rd to the rest of the world. “But,” on July 23, 1851, the first wholesale version of ice cream was manufactured and sold, in Baltimore, Maryland !!!!!