I’m back…and so is “Ask Drew”

August 17, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I’m back. 

Yes, after a mid-week journey to Deep Creek Lake to play in a golf tournament, I’ve returned to my duties at WNST.net. 

I’m full of piss and vinegar today.  What a combo, huh?

Actually, I’m NOT full of piss and vinegar.  I just felt like writing that.

I’m relaxed and ready to dive into my work.  After all, where would I rather be?  Staying at a Wisp mountainside house with a huge hot tub and flowing red wine and playing golf in Oakland, MD in the best tournament of the year or here, in Baltimore, working for a living?


I’m in Baltimore, back here dealing with you people.

So you know how this works.

Ask a question and I answer it. 

I have a gift certificate to Arcos Restaurant in Fells Point for ONE of you who asks a question that gets answered.

And please, be patient today if you do ask a question.  I’m playing in the Maryland Mid-Amateur Championship at Chestnut Ridge later this afternoon.  I’ll answer them all, but it might take a while.

I said I was back, I didn’t say I wasn’t going to play golf.