I’m pleased with the Mitchell Report

December 13, 2007 | Drew Forrester

I’m actually thrilled to death with what I’ve read so far in the Mitchell Report.


My three favorite baseball players of the last 20 years are NOT on the list and, thankfully, their performances, records and contributions to the game carry on.

Yep, I didn’t see any of these three names on “the list”:

Greg Maddux, Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken Jr.

And, for that, I’m very pleased. All three have played the game “the right way.” And I’m happy that I don’t have to fret about their records and performances and whether the three of them will ever grace the halls of Cooperstown (Cal is already there, of course, and the other two will someday join him).

As for the rest of those scoundrels who got exposed today, all I can say is, “live with it.”

A couple of quick thoughts before I go back to reading the Mitchell Report in its entirety:

Clemens just ruined his career.

Bigbie needed to find better steroids. For a guy who was clearly knee-deep in the stuff, it sure didn’t help out much.

I thought Tejada said he never used steroids?

How many guys who bought stuff from Radomski with cash are NOT in the report?

Pudge Rodriguez and Juan Gonzalez didn’t make the report? Someone throw out the challenge flag.

I think the evidence on Brian Roberts is a little weak but I’ll tackle that issue later on.

Baseball stinks.

I wonder if George Mitchell will get a press credential from the Orioles this year if he wants to sit in the press box at Camden Yards?