Imagine if Ray Lewis went to the Steelers…

May 08, 2009 |

While Ravens fans narrow in on the first mini-camp of the year, the rest of the NFL univerise is focused on what has been dubbed “Favre Watch 2009.” Alas, another offseason, another “Will he, won’t he” dance with future hall-of-famer Brett Favre. While the media dissects every bit of news and non-news to come out of his camp or the camp of his supposed suitor the Minnesota Vikings, my mind can’t help but dart to the Green Bay Packer fans.

It’s no secret that Favre was and likely still is very bitter toward Packers general manager Ted Thompson over the drama from last year. I may not know the whole story, but quite frankly, Favre said he was done. The Packers moved on appropriately. Favre changed his mind at the last minute, but you can’t expect the organization to bend at every whim of one single player, even if it is Brett Favre.

But regardless, if Favre goes to the Vikings, the heated rival of his once beloved Packers, it will be a dagger into the heart of the cheeseheads. As my title suggests, imagine if Ray Lewis was offered a contract with the Steelers as a free agent? Dynamics like this begin to transcend business and become personal, and if this deal happens, it will be very personal for both sides.

Very few teams have that guy, the face, leader and voice of the franchise. The one guy everyone thinks of when they think of that team. It’s special. It’s unique. Baltimore has been lucky to have the factor for going on 14 years now. Green Bay had it four 17. And Favre loved it, the same way Ray Lewis, Peyton Manning Tom Brady love it, even if they won’t admit it (though Ray probably would).

But the Packer fans will be the victims here. They did nothing but love Favre, and help create and foster the legend and aura he has now. They didn’t turn their backs on Favre, and to be fair Favre didn’t turn his back on them either. An old timer hung up the cleets. It’s natural. Except nothing is natural about this whole ordeal. If Favre becomes a Viking, he will turn his back on the Packer fans. They’ll hurt the most, followed swiftly by Favre’s now tarnished legacy.

All signs indicate Favre is going to do this, provided his shoulder doesn’t need major surgery. And what’s the saddest is that Favre really isn’t that good anymore. He’s living off the Favre of the 90’s and early 2000’s. It’s sad to watch, and will be even sadder when one of the greatest quarterbacks destroys all he’s created with Green Bay.

Don’t do it Brett. Don’t become Darth Favre. Your fans don’t deserve it.