Important Game on Sunday

September 23, 2011 | Marty Mossa

The Ravens are 1-1 going into week three.  With only two games remaining before their
bye (October 9
th); it is vital that they win on Sunday.  A loss on Sunday would at the very best assure
them of a 2-2 record going into the bye. 
With the New York Jets invading the Purple Palace next Sunday Night, the
game with the Rams is almost a must win.

A Ravens win on Sunday will set them up nicely at home next
week.  If they lose, they will be in jeopardy
of entering the bye at 1-3.  Let’s face it
going into the bye if we beat the Rams and Jets at 3-1 would give us hope for a
division title.  Going into the bye at
2-2 still gives us plenty of time to regroup to make a playoff run; but going
into the bye at 1-3 will cause all to doubt if this team will even make the
post season.

So Sunday, who will show up? 
Will it be Dr. Jeckle who beat the Steelers 35-7, or will it be Mr. Hyde
who lost to the Titans 26-13?  I hope
they play more inspiring football than they did last Sunday.  And if I may be an arm chair quarterback for
a moment with 12 minutes on the clock and down by 13; why weren’t we in the
hurry up?  It took six minutes to drive
down the field?  And with six minutes
left in the game and down by 13 points, why did we not go for it on 4
down instead of kicking a field goal? 

On an unrelated note, it was no surprise to me that the
idiots at the WORST Mariner Arena couldn’t get the ice right for Tuesday Night’s
exhibition matchup between the Capitals and Predators.  That building is a dump.  It was a dump from the time it opened its
doors in the early 1960s.  They can give
the guy who runs the old barn all the props they want, but it’s a dump, and
doesn’t deserve to host even another exhibition hockey game.