In Drew’s book: Terps still need to win today

March 14, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I said all week that I thought Maryland needed to win three games in the ACC tournament to earn a trip to the NCAA Tournament.

Keep in mind, that’s what Drew thinks.  However, I’m not on the tournament-selection committee.

Unless something whacky happens – like Baylor winning the Big 12, for instance – I think the Terps will probably see their name up in lights on Sunday evening.  A Baylor win could shove someone on the bubble into NIT-land.  Let’s hope Baylor doesn’t win.  And, if they do, let’s hope it’s not Maryland who gets the shaft.

But, back to my scenario.

I don’t think what happened last night is good enough. 

To me, last night only balances out that horrific last-game loss to Virginia a week ago today.  Playing with their life on the line, the Terps couldn’t beat UVA last Saturday.  Playing with their life on the line Friday night in Atlanta, Maryland beat Wake Forest.

I need to see them do it one more time.  Today vs. Duke is “one more time”.

Gary and the gang went into last night’s game vs. the Deacs not 100% sure if a win would get them in.  

They know a triumph today gets them in.

How will they respond?  

We’ll see at 3:30.

One thing for sure:  If Maryland wins, it will mark a terrific run for Gary Williams and Greivis Vasquez, the two program-whipping boys.  And if you don’t think they’re in this thing together, go back and look at that post-game hug they gave one another at the end of the Wake game.  If that wasn’t the biggest “F-You” of the night, nothing was.  

I’m pulling for them today.  It’s been a wild, fun ride all season long, even when Gary was getting beat up by the Washington Post for his recruiting woes and Vasquez was barking at his own fans during the win over Georgia Tech.  Wins, they lack.  Heart, they don’t.  

If they lose today and don’t get in, I won’t complain too much on Monday morning.  After all, I’m the one that says they need to win three games to get in.

I hope I’m wrong.

Really…I hope I’m wrong.  No matter what happens today.