In honor of Johnny U…19 points to ponder

January 04, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Things worth thinking about.  At least I think so. 

1.  What’s the best "story-line" matchup for this year’s Super Bowl?  Forget about what would be the best "game"…story-line is all the NFL and Network TV people care about.  Best one?  Redskins vs. Patriots.  Washington – for obvious reasons – against the undefeated team from New England.  Old, half-senile coach (Gibbs) vs. arrogant, brash, half-cheater (Hoody Bill).  We’d probably see the same result (Patriots romp) from the regular season, but it would most definitely be more watchable than having to listen to T.O. spout off all week about keeping Tony Romo’s girlfriends away from the team hotel. 

2.  Since Ray and J.O. were on the Billick FIRING committee, doesn’t it make sense to have them at the facility this weekend helping to conduct coaching interviews as part of the HIRING committee?

3.  Tiger Woods enters the ’08 PGA Tour season as the winner of the last ’07 major, the PGA Championship.  If he wins at Augusta (very possible), he then heads to Torrey Pines (San Diego) for the U.S. Open, a course he’s played about 1,000 times and a site he’s won at a bunch of times as an amateur and a professional.  A win there would give him a chance to capture another "Tiger-Slam" at Royal Birkdale in July at the British Open.  Nothing to really ponder there…I was just letting you know, that’s all.

4.  Under Andy MacPhail, it seems the O’s are generally controversy-free.  In fact, there might not be another controversy with the orange-and-black until late March when they deny me a season media credential again.

5.  Erik Bedard’s not getting traded, it seems.  Boy, I bet he’ll just be a barrel of laughs around August 15 when the O’s are 45-75 and he’s 11-13 with a 3.02 e.r.a.

6.  I thought Willis McGahee had a good season and all, but Haloti Ngata was the Ravens’ best player from start to finish in ’07.  He was their MVP.

7.  Someone actually called the show this morning and suggested the Ravens take a look at a Bobby Ross-Ralph Friedgen coaching combo.  Seriously.  I couldn’t make that up. 

8.  Is Mike Shanahan next season’s Brian Billick if the Broncos don’t make the playoffs in ’08?  Or don’t the players get a vote in Denver like they do in Baltimore?

9.  David Duval says his goal is to make the 2008 U.S. Ryder Cup team.  Yeah, and my goal is to out-earn Tiger Woods by the time I’m 50.

10.  It’s been a long time since I watched a sporting event that was truly a "glued-to-the-TV" event (with no rooting interest) like the NHL outdoor game in Buffalo was this past Tuesday.  Calling it "awesome" doesn’t do it justice. 

11.  Has the NBA season started yet?

12.  I actually like the new look of The Sun sports section.

13.  I just changed one of Baby Ethan’s poopee-diapers and it smelled MUCH worse than the way the Ravens fired Billick and the Orioles fired Perlozzo…combined.  Whew…

14.  Think Adalius Thomas made the right choice?

15.  I’ll take Tampa Bay, Seattle, Jacksonville and San Diego this weekend.

16.  O’s ’08 individual game tickets are on sale now.  They still send me those press releases.  It’s only when I try to make contact with them that they ignore me.  1-888-BIRD is the number.  Call now.

17.  I’m going to have Phil Jackman on the show somtime soon for a Friday sit-down.  I promise.  I just have to call him first and ask him.  Very entertaining and a great memory.  Good guy – even if he is from Bah-stun.

18.  Unless something weird happens with the NFL schedule (like the Ravens play a Sunday night or Monday night home game), Baltimore will open with 3 of their first 4 games on the road next year…or week #4 will be a bye week.  The only available Sunday date that doesn’t conflict with the O’s being at home is September 21. 

19.  If the Titans lose Sunday. will hometown boy Jim Schwartz get an interview with the Ravens?