In like a Lion….

March 03, 2009 | Keith Melchior

Before I begin…here’s a Raven’s prediction…Now, I originally thought it would be great if they opened on the road in Pittsburgh, when the NFL kicks off the season Thursday, September 10th but after looking at the Orioles’ schedule, It appears the Ravens will play at home on Sept 13th and 27th and be on the road the 20th…Exhibition games will likely be August 7th or 8th and 21st or 22nd. You heard it here first!! 

Ok, I was listening to what amounted to a few outs worth of an Orioles exhibition game on the FM dial the other day. (I know, the shame of it all)  They were talking about how excited the players are to be playing again, how excited Dave Trembley is to see what this young team is capable of, how excited Gregg Zaun is to have such a great array of young lively arms to catch, how Andy McPhail is doing the “right thing” in his rebuilding of the team, how laalooyah!! That makes me want to buy a season ticket plan again. Yeah, like the attendance for a 6-game Tigers and Royals home stand in early May is going to total more than 21,000 combined.

Well, then again, what else do you expect them to say?  Perhaps something like, “Well, Mr Announcer Man, we know right off the bat that we’re going to suck this season, as we have the last 11 seasons , but we’re enthusiastic, we’re going to be exciting, we’re young but we’re hungry to be in 4th place, so come spend your hard earned money to watch us go 65-97”  Every year since 1998, March has started off this way. The Orioles always come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. Once we get into mid-April the focus is off of them for a week or two as the NFL draft takes over. By mid-June, when they are 15 games out of 1st and 5 pitchers are hobbled with arm injuries, people can’t wait for Ravens training to begin. And by July 4th the Orioles are an afterthought and talk throughout the month turns to who they can trade off to make the team better by July 31st. By August 5th, NFL pre-season games begin and the Orioles become “the other team that happens to play downtown.”

It’s really sad what this once proud franchise has become over the past 11 years. I will watch them on TV and write both positive and negative blogs about them. I doubt if I will be going to any games at OPACY this season because frankly, since the last 3 games I attended over the past 4 years were rather dull and boring, attending Oriole games just isn’t very much fun for me anymore.

When i looked at the schedule, I noticed the Orioles will not be playing a regularly scheduled game on Labor Day for the first time in like, forever!!!  WHAT? A holiday WITHOUT an Orioles baseball game? That is totally unreal. There is nothing like sitting on the patio or the deck in the late afternoon or evening sipping a few adult beverages, talking to friends and having an Oriole baseball game on TV. What the hell is next? They taking hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet away from us too?

Here’s another unbelievable morsel I got from listening to that partial broadcast. I am 99.9% certain I heard a comment that Fred Manfra has now been an Orioles broadcaster for 17 years.  Wow…Time really does fly when you SUCK.