In my best Bah-stun accent: “Ask Drew sumpin’, would’ja?”

June 30, 2009 | Drew Forrester

OK, it’s Tuesday in Baltimore and the Red Sox are in town.

Let me be the first to welcome all of their fans to Baltimore.  Thank you for spending your money here in our great city.

No matter what people say to you while you’re here, we’re thrilled to host you in “Charm City” for the next couple of days.

That said, make sure you tip well.

OK, now — who wants to “Ask Drew” a question?

I’m here for you.  Ask away.  Ask me anything, just don’t ask me about Michael Jackson.  I’m not interested in talking about it.  Let the man rest in peace. 

Now, if you have a question about anything other than The King of Pop, I’m here to answer it.

As we’ve done for the last few weeks, we’ll be giving away a great prize to ONE of you.  If your question gets answered, your name goes in the hat for either: a) a free oil change at All Tune and Lube on Reisterstown, or b) two free passes to play golf at Waverly Woods   (your choice).

Ask away.

And remember, please tip well.