in response to mike preston’s jan. 4th article

January 05, 2011 |,0,5796997.column

ok, so i ran out of space on the sun comments section…

great aritcle. it seems that harbaugh is letting cam figure it out for himself, which i like. he’s not taking responsibility for cam…

to me this is  good way to handle the situation. If cam can do it, if he can make this work, then he will.

john is saying, this is your job, you signed up for it, we gave you the tools, now make it work.

if cam can’t get it done, then john can say, we tried but we need to try someone else.

i think this is a good way for harbs to not sacrifice himself uneccesarily, fall on the sword so to speak.

cams’s been given all that he needs imo. if he can do it, he will. if not, then it is an easy decision to replace him.

harbs is isolating the problem, or at least one of them. i think that is good management.

i also like how he is positive about the whole thing. i think that is good leadership. doing what he needs to do and in a positive way, outwardly and inwardly.

john harbaugh… he has shown me some things since he has been coach that i like and some that i don’t like…

i don’t know if he will ever be a super-bowl winning coach, although there is a lot of evidence that says he certainly could be one.

there are certain things that he has done that have shown growth. this is one of them. this was a bit of a surprise to me, how he is handling this.

I have had a lot of problems with him, but he has been consistent it seems to me in two facets regarding leadership…

he has been a hard worker, and has been positive.

i really do think that he could win a sb or two. i think he could be a “great” coach…

I think he could be a “franchise coach”.

I am looking forward to the next few years. hopefully we will have football next season.

I really think that even when r lewis and reed and whoever else start leaving and retiring, that j harbaugh could lead this organization to many more years of postseason football and superbowl championships.

i think that with harbaugh, there is life after r lewis and reed…

a few years ago i thought, and i believe that i wrote here, that our window was closing.

but how he has handled this cam cameron situation has made me believe in the future of the organization.

I see potential… in john harbaugh and the future of the ravens.

i think we could make it back to the afc championship over the next month.

i think we could get to the sb.

a couple of weeks ago I wrote here that I thought the ravens were done.

but seeing this, i’m not counting j harbaugh out yet.

he has shown me something new.

i see the future. i think it could be great, both long term and short term.

i have a “positive” feeling about him.

we’ll see.