In the words of Meatloaf…….

April 09, 2009 |

“Two out of three ain’t bad.” There goes the only undefeated team in the AL East award. I wonder what inning the brooms got put down under the seats next to spilled beer and peanut shells. At what point did the Yankees teeball game make Orioles fans realize a sweep in Baltimore against division rival New York wasn’t going to happen? And who the hell was the guy in the right field bleachers that took the chance for Markakis to rob Nick Swisher from a homerun? Reminded me of the “Golden Boy” in Yankee Stadium that did the same thing in the playoffs that magical year that changed the tone of the series for Baltimore. But with two wins out of the first three games against the highest payroll in the league is pretty satisfying. We’ve seen some spark. Not only in Baltimore’s hitting but also with our pitchers. Mark Teixeira gets the last laugh for the booing from O’s fans reminding us that “he’s got game.” A.J Burnett looked like what everyone thought C.C. was going to look like. 5 strong innings only giving up 2 runs on seven hits and striking out 6. I guess the wood in Markakis’s and Adam Jones bats needed to rest next to Melvin Mora in the dug out. But at least we saw what the O’s of 2009 are capable of and its a long long season.  And that kills me because I was three the last time they were there. I wasn’t even thinking about baseball then. I was trying to figure out if the toilet or my diaper was the best place to relieve myself. (I got it down now). Now I just want to see my home team get to the series and win it.  Well for now goodbye bring on the  D Rays and lets stay at the top of our division a little longer.