IndyCar CEO Bernard on Baltimore Grand Prix: “One in Baltimore Would Be Highly Successful”

June 22, 2010 | Ryan Chell

Gentleman, start your engines!

Wait, on second thought, it might be awhile. You dont want to leave your engines idling for too long.

There has been a lot of buzz over the last two several weeks regarding the recently announced Baltimore Grand Prix, which became official back on June 2nd between the Baltimore Racing Development and the Indy Racing League.

The deal is for a five year length, and will hopefully guarantee that the race will be in Baltimore for that amount of time, as long as the crowds keep coming.

IndyCar Series CEO Randy Bernard joined “The Morning Reaction” Tuesday morning to put down any concerns about the lack of attention regarding the race.

Randy Bernard

“We’ve seen that street races on each coast that it really does work, and one in Baltimore would be highly successful.”

Bernard said they made sure that Baltimore would be the perfect place for it.

“It’s part of our job to do… our research and make sure we go to cities that are going to be very successful. I’m very optimistic Baltimore can be a great event.”

Both sides, the city of Baltimore and the IRL, are now already hard at work prepping for the event despite the date for the race not taking place till August 7th 2011.

Bernard has already heard  some of the noise he has already heard regarding the event.

“We think its going to be fantastic”, Bernard said.

He said that the city of Baltimore has already done its part in making sure this process goes along smoothly.

“I give your city and your committee a ten in how they’ve reacted and how professional they’ve been in bringing this event,” Bernard said. “For thirteen months out, I think its very positive response that we’ve seen so far.”

The almost two and a half mile course will take the Indy cars down Pratt, Russell, Conway, and Light streets and around Camden Yards.

Proposed layout of the track

Renovations to those roads are under way with the fact that these Indy cars are literally being centimeters off the ground. If regular cars are bouncing up and down on them, Indy cars with no clearance what so ever are going to get torn up.

Money for the renovations will come from the city of Baltimore, Baltimore Racing Development, the federal government, and the Deparment of Transportation. The cost is expected to reach about five million dollars.

Bernard was happy to see the plan is in place and preparations are already under way to get this thing going.

And with that work that Baltimore has put in the work, Bernard is determined to return a good product and investment here to Charm City.

“Just the way the entire City Committee has handed it, it’s been very professional. We’ll be a good partner. We’ll bring television and the best drivers in the world. That’s the type of things you want to hear.”

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