Injuries put MacPhails “plan” ahead of schedule, providing hope for fans

May 26, 2009 |

Thanks to some injuries fans are getting what they have been clamoring for much sooner then they expected. Jason Berkin is the latest of the young arms to be called up and he will start Tuesday against the Blue Jays.

Injuries and Adam Eaton’s ineffectiveness have led Andy MacPhail to bring some players up quicker then  expected, but will the fan base come out to see this?

Many people have been saying that the reason they have not come out to the Yard is because they believe the team had no direction or desire to win, but now that is starting to change.

Nolan Reimold and Brad Bergesen are up here for good, Matt Wieters’ arrival is just around the corner and with Koji possibly making a trip to the DL, David Hernandez or another young arm could be called up this week.

By no means are the Orioles going to make a worst to first run, but these moves show that the team has some direction and the young players should provide some excitement in what are otherwise meaningless games.

Once Wieters comes up, the Orioles lineup will consist of Adam Jones(23), Nick Markakis(25), Nolan Reimold(25) and Matt Wieters(23) all contributing significantly and playing everyday.

These four players could anchor the Orioles lineup for at least the next six years and will make the offense one of the most potent in baseball.

With Jason Berken and Brad Bergesen in the rotation, you have two out of five pitchers in your starting rotation that are 25 and 23 respectively and twenty four year old David Hernandez could be up on Thursday.

I never want to see anyone get hurt, but some of these injuries might be the best thing to happen to the Orioles. We know what Luke Scott is going to give us, but thanks to his injury, we are now seeing that Nolan Reimold seems to be legit and is making his case to be the left fielder of the future.

I also believe that Koji Uehara’s injury is more serious then the club is letting on and that he will have a stint on the disabled list, paving the way for David Hernandez, Chris Tillman or another pitcher.

Koji has been the Orioles best pitcher, but we know what he brings to the table. He gives the Orioles anywhere between five to six innings and doesn’t walk anyone. He has been a hard luck loser this year, but he is not the future of this staff like Tillman or Hernandez are.

If Koji does have to go to the disabled list and Hernandez is called up then you will have all of your starters under the age of the 30 with the exception of Jeremy Guthrie who is 30 years old.

This might not translate into wins but I believe it should translate into increased attendance.

Many expected that by 2010 this team would have undergone a major facelift with the Jones, Roberts and Markakis being the only “sure things” to be on the team next year.

Due to circumstances beyond their control, this “facelift” is starting half a season earlier then expected, which is a good thing.

Despite the fact that he has been mediocre, I still get excited to see Brad Bergesen pitch and I hang on every pitch he throws. I will be anxious to see Berken tonight and I will follow every start that he makes and every pitch that he throws.

Andy MacPhail’s “plan” is starting to come to fruition sooner then expected,  much to the delight of me and other Orioles fans.

This team will still have a 12th straight losing season, but years from now we could look on 2009 season as the year that made this team a contender.

Nolan Reimold, Matt Wieters, Brad Bergesen, Jason Berkin and David Hernandez won’t provide a lot of wins in 2009, but they will provide hope.

At this point, hope is all Orioles fans can really ask for.