Injury Rehabilitation

December 08, 2008 |

The goal of rehabilitation in physical therapy is to promote healing and to restore normal function in the shortest possible time. The goal of rehabilitation of sports injuries is a little different than the general population in that it is more vigorous and more intense. Controlled exercise then allows early return to participation of sport.

Physical therapy starts while the injured part is healing. It does not necessarily speed up healing but promotes healing and does not slow it down. Rehabilitation of the injury is influenced by the following: the severity of the injury, the stage of healing, other treatments including surgery ( with any precautions), strength of the muscles in an extremity, range of motion in an extremity, how much inflammation and any previous injury.

A patient, and more specifically and athlete in physical therapy, is evaluated for the following: strength, power, endurance, balance of muscle groups (such as quadriceps to hamstrings), flexibility of the joint, mobility of the soft tissue, proprioception ( special sensors in the joint) and function as related to a particular sport.

At Advanced Care Physical Therapy we block out an hour for an evaluation and then we create a rehabilitation program specific to the findings. A good rehabilitation program not only includes treatment in the office but a comprehensive home exercise program. If you have any comments or questions, please leave a comment here or you can find out more at

Ted Vlahoyiannis P.T.