Interest in the Caps…growing 1 Fan at a Time

May 05, 2009 |

The NHL’s two lockouts zapped my love of hockey. At the start of the KOBST competition, I was just a casual fan. I started watching hockey again so I could blog and talk about it. The more I watch, the more I feel the old love returning. As an Isles fan, I hate to say it, but I find myself getting attached to the Caps. This competition and the Caps great play, has renewed my love of hockey. Watching the NHL playoffs is a priority again. With the O’s terrible start I know I’m not the only one watching the Caps.

I’m not going to give you a run-down of all the scoring and critical plays. Other bloggers will do that so you can read their game recaps. I want to talk about the excitement the Caps are generating here in Baltimore. Last night at work, a few people wanted to talk about the Kentucky Derby and the Caps with me. The Caps part has NEVER happened before, in 10½ years on the job.

They didn’t read the scores online or in the paper, they watched the game on Saturday. They were excited to talk about Varlamov’s fantastic play and the “Save.” One person asked me explain what icing was. We talked about last night’s game. How the momentum kept swinging back and forth, the hard hits and the checks, how close it was until late in the 3rd period, and Ovechkin and Crosby’s hat tricks. We marveled at how Crosby could slap the puck out of the air for the last goal. More importantly, they could have watched anything last night and they decided to watch the Caps game. They made the effort to find the game and to watch it.

I know it was only a few people talking hockey, but we were talking hockey. The Caps playoff run has garnered a few new fans and rekindled the feelings an old one. Maybe the sport does shine it brightest when its 2 biggest stars collide. So far, Crosby and Ovechkin have not disappointed. Hockey may have a small following in Baltimore but it seems to be growing. Here’s hoping this series helps to grow interest in hockey in Baltimore and elsewhere. In these hard economic times, it’s always good to be able to escape reality for a short time and share the bonds of fandom.