Interesting read: Orioles Hangout wants the media to “hold O’s accountable”

April 30, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Talk about stumbling on to a funny one, completely by accident.

While leafing through Orioles Hangout today to find a candidate or two for our “Apologist of the Morning” award (I found 11, for the record), I happened to see this gem of a thread.  It’s titled “A commenter ruffles Roch’s feathers”.  And it goes from a series of posts about how Roch Kubatko of the MASN web-site became irritated at a question/statement concerning media accountability to a 6-page b**ch fest about how no one in the local media is willing to ask the Orioles a “tough question”.

I guess those folks at Orioles Hangout haven’t been paying attention for the last few years.

You’re not allowed to ask the Orioles a tough question.

Here’s the entire thread. Feel free to read it.  Some folks actually make VERY solid points in it.

A couple of years ago when I tried to hold the Orioles accountable for not putting BALTIMORE back on the road jersey, I lost my media credential. That’s what happens when you try to ask the team questions about team policies or organizational decisions.  You get the high hard one.

The team no longer communicates with me, so I can’t ask questions of them, but this year’s bee-in-my-bonnet would be that silly, shove-it-up-the-backside-of-the-few-fans-who-still-go policy of raising tickets prices on the day-of-the-game, thereby punishing fans in the wallet for their choice of attending the game on the spur of the moment.

I asked the team about it earlier this year.  They didn’t return a call or an e-mail.

So, while the folks at Orioles Hangout have generated some very interesting comments and reading material today, they also get the award for “Naive Fan of The Day”.

“The local media should hold the Orioles more accountable”…they opine.

Yeah, right, and President Obama should just fix the nation’s economy over the weekend if he doesn’t have anything else on his plate.

You’re not ALLOWED to hold the Orioles more accountable.  That’s what the folks at Orioles Hangout don’t understand.

It’s turned into a game of media relations dodgeball.  The team ducks and darts out of the way of every legitimate question.  The flip-side to that, of course, is this:  There aren’t really that many folks in town even WILLING to ask them hard questions about ticket policies or why Garrett Atkins was acquired and Adam LaRoche wasn’t or why Mike Gonzalez was given $12 million to close when he was only luke-warm-successful-at-it last year in Atlanta.

You ask those questions…and you’ll be sitting at the Pub and Grille at Mountain Branch watching the home games with me.

And that’s not a low blow…it’s a fact.