Introductory Post

August 09, 2010 |

This is my 1st blog post for WNST. I’ve been emphatically keeping up to date with the Ravens progression this summer and I’m uber excited for the season to get under way. Though I have doubts on their crop of corners, I believe we will be better when the season gets underway. With that being said, what more can you ask for with football getting underway?

Last week, I was browsing through my channels and I came across “Inside Training Camp” on the NFL Network. What a coincidence that they were highlighting the Baltimore Ravens. Most of the packages that were being highlighted were the two TE set, with Ray Rice getting the ball from the back field and/or Derrick Mason catching it on a 2 yard hitch.  Looked familiar? Yes, but I cant wait to see what the Ravens first string will present when the season starts.

Just in case you forgot what the Ravens are capable of doing. Watch the video.

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