Is Brady Anderson Qualified To “School” Us …..

June 04, 2009 |

With great interest, I’ve read Brady Anderson’s op-ed article, in the Baltimore Sun. While I value Brady’s firsthand account of a close, personal relationship with Peter Angelos, I’m not wholeheartedly endorsing it as gospel.

In fact, I’m suspecting Brady’s piece is every bit as contrived as the very reports and opinions he denounces. Why? While Brady Anderson enjoyed the luxuries of being a friend/employee of Mr. Angelos, he had an access not afforded to the very people who purchase the product.

Thus, I think it’s fair to suggest Brady has never stood in the shoes of the ordinary Baltimore baseball fan, a group of people who’ve endured more than a decade of losing and feeling less than appreciated.

Indeed, Brady Anderson and others have intimate knowledge of the Orioles and their braintrust. Yet, he has no way of feeling the numbing effects of great disappointment and ultimate indifference – from his perch, nearly 3000 miles away. He’s removed from the very environment he’s protecting through his written words.

I’ve always liked Brady Anderson and he seems like a genuine, standup guy. However, I think he’s close-minded to some realities regarding his former boss. And, his defense of Mr. Angelos is pretty one-sided and biased. He’s no longer a stakeholder. Yet, the guy from Essex who sacrifices earned income to attend a half-dozen games, is …..

In his article, Brady Anderson seizes the opportunity to label Mr. Angelos as the HEAD MAN IN CHARGE, in so many words.

For example, Brady cites that Mr. Angelos is the OWNER of the ballclub, and that owners naturally meddle in their product, in the business world. Fair enough ….. but, such “hands on” custodians also relate with their customers and take the time to hear concerns.

If I had a chance to talk with Brady Anderson, I’d ask “ do you think owners of a business have a responsibility and obligation to listen to their customers and relate with them on a firsthand basis?”

While I concede that many owners get involved in the daily preparation of the product, they also come from behind the counter to talk with the very people buying that product. I think this is especially important when the product has been less than acceptable for more than a decade.

Does Brady think Mr. Angelos should talk with fans? Should he be more available on talk shows and organized forums? Should he walk around the aisles of Camden Yards and talk with fans? Should he update these “customers” with correspondences and goodwill gestures?

Artie Moreno does it …..

John Henry does it …..

Robert Kraft does it …..

Conversely, Steve Bisciotti, Jerry Reinsdorf and others have very little involvement with their consumers. However, they also take a back seat and don’t pry into the daily operations of their franchises. It makes sense to me.

Again, I’ve always liked Brady Anderson. Yet, I feel kinda slighted by his remarks. When is the last time he spent a day in Baltimore? Has he been here since his Orioles Hall of Fame induction? Aside from that event, when was the last time he attended a game? And, did he sit among the masses of people who’ve really suffered for 12 seasons?

If not, Brady Anderson really doesn’t know what it’s like to stand in the shoes of a Baltimore sports fan. And, to that extend, he shouldn’t be telling us what’s right and what’s wrong ……