Is Brian Roberts next?

February 12, 2008 | Nestor Aparicio

I have remained silent through most of the Erik Bedard fiasco and the Orioles continued fumbling of the offseason.

What difference does it make what I think anyway, right? These 10 players they’ve acquired for Miguel Tejada and Bedard will either sink or sail on their own over the next three years.

(My only personal observation: Andy McPhail is doing the best he can with what he’s got. And he’s inherited an organization in chaos, really.)

At some point, I’ll chime in with what I really think — it’s a LONG season, there will be plenty of time and space for my thoughts — but for now I just read what my colleagues are saying and writing.

This morning,’s Jon Heyman, an old friend of mine from The Sporting News days, checked in with some interesting observations regarding the Orioles.

Heyman also had some choice thoughts on the reign of King Peter.

Click here to read Heyman’s column on the future of Brian Roberts as an Oriole.

Sometimes, I don’t need to bother writing stuff. Plenty of people are out there writing the truth about the Orioles. But most of the time, given the local “restrictions,” you don’t read the truth in local publications or media. You have to branch out to the national media.

When you write or speak the truth and live within a 25-mile radius of The Warehouse, you get banned from covering the team and doing your job.

Unfortunately, that’s the way the Orioles do business.

I hope Jon Heyman doesn’t need a press pass in Baltimore this summer…