Is Jessica Simpson Coming To Westminster ???

August 15, 2009 |

It’s been a little more than a week since Snoop Dogg and his entourage pitched their umbrella on the sidelines, at McDaniel College. Since then, fans and media have been waiting for the next sight of a celebrity embracing Ravens football.

I don’t have any “confirmed” scoop on friends of ‘Snoop or any other HUGE pigskin lovin’ personalities, like Mark Wahlberg, Ben Affleck or Tim McGraw rumored to be dropping in for a few moments with Ray Lewis and company.

Yeah, there were whispers of McGraw and Sandra Bullock, both of whom star in “The Blind Side” visiting camp, earlier in the week. The film is based on the life story of Michael Oher, so the whole Bullock/McGraw scenario made sense.

But, Monday came and went with no sightings. Damn, who will TMZ steal photos from this week? That’s right, 30 minutes after I posted the Snoop Dogg pics on, they were posted on !!!!

Why? Well, America is infatuated with celebrities. Just look at all the girls who clamored for the American Idol event, at 1st Mariner Arena, last week. Did you see Nestor’s videos? It was the “Beatles @ Shea Stadium” ….. nearly 50 years later.


Could you imagine if Jessica Simpson showed up, in Westminster, sporting a Flacco jersey? That’s right, the girl who’s destroyed more quarterbacks than Deacon Jones and Dick Butkus, could conceivably visit Training Camp.

I harbor little doubt that superstitious Ravens loyalists would clamor for an opportunity to rip the letters F-L-A-C-C-O from Miss Daisy Duke’s back. For the record, if Jessica Simpson is losing her shirt in ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER, I wanna be front and center for the show.

With slobber cup – and cellphone, for texting Ray Bachmann the photos, in hand !!!!

I suppose this is the point where I concede that I’ve used Jessica Simpson’s name to let Ravens fans know that ESPN’s Chris Mortenson is bringing his summer roadshow, Mort’s Tour, to McDaniel College, on Sunday afternoon.

That’s right, Mortenson is traveling the Eastern-Half of the United States, popping in on NFL camps and spreading good cheer. Sunday is Baltimore’s opportunity to shine with the “Worldwide Leader.”

It will be interesting to see if Mortenson holds court, with reporters, just as Snoop did. Will he field questions and gladhand with his media brethren? Better yet, will he be spotted in conversation with Coach Harbaugh?

I’d like to see the reception Mort gets from the Ravens Head Coach. After all, Mort’s the guy who stirred up the “Ozzie Wanted Vick ….. But Harbaugh and Bisciotti Didn’t Want Vick” story. Hmmm …..

Admittedly, Chris Mortenson is not a celebrity. But, his upcoming appearance is now more widely known with WNST and Ravens fans. Why? That’s simple, because I mentioned Jessica Simpson.

That’s how this stuff works, right?