Is the Apathy period over for Oriole fans?

February 08, 2012 | John West

I stopped being an Orioles fan about 1 month ago and it has been an interesting transition period.

Everything I have ever wanted, and felt as though I deserved, I am getting from the Nats. They are serious about fielding a competitive team. I know, I know that is an awful lot to ask out of the baseball team you root for, but I am asking for it and I am getting it. How does it feel to ask for that from the Orioles?

With the trading of Guts and the potential signing of Manny, I have noticed a change in tone from Oriole fans. At the moment it is subtle and I do not expect it to last, but there has been a change of the last several days.

Apathy is turning into Anger.

The Orioles have NO Plan to deal with this. NONE!!! Apathy is the preferred state of mind for the Orioles with respect to their fan base. Get the fans to believe that it’s unfair that the Yankees and Red Sox spend so much money and promise that next year will be better. Much like an abused dog the Oriole fan will take it and pay casual attention as the team stumbles forward to another 68 win season.

But the last several days has seen a change in the Oriole fan base and it is very hopeful. It is beginning to appear as though the Oriole fan base has had enough.

For years I have wondered when the fans will rise up and say “ENOUGH”. Is now that time? I’m not sure, but it will be interesting to watch.

To the Oriole fan that is reading this, let me ask you a question. Every single respected baseball analyst is in complete agreement that the best time to make an Adam Jones trade is right now. With 2 years left before he can become a free agent, a team will be willing to give up the most prospects to get a young all-star center fielder like Adam. There is no disputing this. When asked about trading Adam Jones, Orioles Vice President in charge of Baseball operations Dan Duquette has said that Adam in an integral part of the future of the Orioles. Is the future now? Is the future next year? By 2014 Adam Jones will be long gone and the Orioles will, from this day forward, be in a worse position to get the most for him.

For those that care to notice, history has shown us that apathy turning into anger cannot be undone. It is the seminal moment for which a movement cannot walk back from. Could this be “An Oriole Spring??” For the sake of those of you who still care about the Orioles, I am hoping for you that this is that moment.