Trembley survives the day but what does future hold?

May 24, 2010 | Drew Forrester

At the 45-game mark, the Orioles have 14 wins.

Given the series — or the game — or the inning, for that matter, the Birds occasionally look competitive and capable of maintaining some level of consistency.

But 14-31 doesn’t lie.

It’s been ugly.  Yes, they’ve had a bunch of injuries.  Yes, their bats – certainly the productive ones – haven’t done a whole lot so far.  And on the night when they do have a 2-run lead in the late stages, they’re as apt to give it up as they are to follow through and win.

And the manager hasn’t exactly been Casey Stengel either.

It all adds up to a miserable start to 2010 and now, one of the first “D-Days” of the season has arrived in the minds of many.

Could today be the final day of employment for Dave Trembley?

Some in town are speculating he’ll get the call mid-morning and be asked to drive downtown on a rainy Monday to have the meeting no manager wants to have.

My guess?  It won’t happen.  I don’t think Andy MacPhail is in any position to fire Dave Trembley today.  Why?  Well, he had the chance to NOT re-hire him last October, but instead, MacPhail gave him an additional year and said, “Let’s see what you can do, Trembs.”

Trembley, to my observant but untrained eye, has graded out to about a “C” so far this year.  His puzzling moves far outshine his positive ones.  His use of the pitching staff is always baffling.  And for a guy managing a team that’s been 10 games under .500 since the first two weeks of the season, I haven’t seen a lot of piss and vinegar from him.

Then again, if the GM gave me Garrett Atkins as one of my two off-season bats, I wouldn’t be all that excited about yelling and screaming either.

Why yell and scream when you’re going to lose?

So this COULD be the day we see a managerial change in Baltimore.

If it happens, I’ll opine on it later today.

If it doesn’t happen, I won’t be surprised.

My guess is if someone gets fired today, it’s Terry Crowley.  That would be a way for the O’s front office to make a statement and not completely sell Trembley’s soul.  Crowley would be a sacrificial firing, if nothing else, but at least someone would pay the immediate price for the team’s woeful start and mostly hapless offense.

I just don’t think MacPhail can fire the manager HE retained last October.  He already has a player HE signed last December who is stinking up the joint.  Canning the manager today would be like taking out an ad in the newspaper and saying, “Hi, I’m Andy MacPhail and I screwed up last October giving Dave Trembley another year.”

The other critical point when you’re ready to fire someone is:  “who do we bring in?”.  In this case, that question doesn’t matter because someone will ALWAYS take a managerial position of a major league team.  Hell, the parking spot, per-diem and free tickets are enough to get some folks interested.

Brad Komminsk from the Bowie Baysox would be the logical replacement for Trembley at this point.  He’s very familiar with the group of young players the Birds currently employ and most followers of the Bowie manager say he’s ready for the next step.

But before Komminsk or anyone else gets the job, Trembley has to be dismissed.  That would NOT be an easy thing for MacPhail to do this afternoon.

I’d usually be writing a blog about either, a) FIRE the guy today — or, b) DON’T fire the guy today.  In this case, with Trembley, I’m really unmoved either way.

I don’t think he’s a great manager.

Some would argue he might not even be a good one.

But the roster of players he’s been working with has definitely hurt his chances for success.

If they do fire him today, it wouldn’t be unfair.

And if they keep him?

Well, it’s OK, I suppose.  Remember…we weren’t going to win anyway.