It looks like Drew and Adam Jones both “get it”…

July 15, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I can’t believe I forgot to post this.  Holy cow.  

For years, I ranted and raved about the insane (yearly) decision by the Orioles to not put BALTIMORE on the front of the road jersey.  

Frankly, it’s a major reason why the team has expurgated me.  I’m persona non grata with them and it’s mostly over the fact that I – according to one staffer over there – “wouldn’t let it go and beat it into the ground.”  

Fair enough.  I did do that.  

But I was right. 

I knew I was right back then.  I knew I was right last December when they finally caved in and did the right thing and now that I’ve heard Adam Jones, I know once again I was right. 

A lot of people who knew I was right but didn’t want to admit it used this logic:  “What’s putting BALTIMORE on the road jersey going to do, make the players play harder?  Make them win more games?  Of course not.”

Really?  Well, here’s a link you’d like to see.  It’s Adam Jones, talking about wearing BALTIMORE on the road jersey and how it definitely means *something* to him…and the difference between wearing a jersey with “Orioles” across the front and wearing a jersey with his “new hometown” across the front.  He gets it.  He understands if it’s important to the fans, it should be important to the players.  Because, as Adam evidently digests, the fans pay his salary.

I like Adam Jones a little more today than I did yesterday.  A lot more, in fact.

Oh, by the way, Greg…and Andy…and John:  You’re welcome.