It was still the Steelers

December 01, 2009 | Paul Hoke

Ok. I’ve heard enough. If they had Big Ben. If they had Troy. If they had blah blah blah. I don’t want to hear it. These were still the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I don’t care that the Steelers were without Ben or Troy, they still had James Harrison, Lamar Woodley, and company. This was still the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yes, I, like you was pissed when the Ravens let Dennis Dixon run for that 4th quarter touchdown. I was also mad when they let the Steelers run the ball down their throats. But…..our Ravens won the game. A game that could have determined their season. Our Ravens won. They kept their playoff hopes alive and in the process got a much important win over a divisional opponent.

I don’t want to hear who the Steelers were missing, and I don’t want to hear who their QB was. The fact of the matter is, we beat the Steelers. Finally. We beat them. I don’t care how it happened, I don’t care where it happened. We beat them!! We won!! Next up is Green Bay in Lambeau. A tough challenge, but one that I’m sure our Ravens are ready to face. Can’t wait until next Monday. Bring it on.

Go Ravens!!!!!!