It’s A Simple Game! We Need a “W” Tonight!

November 29, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     It is a very simple game.  Tonight we need to beat Pittsburgh.  We also need help from other teams.  We need Indy to continue their winning ways and beat Houston.  We also need Cleveland to pull a horse shoe out of their colons and beat the Bengals.  A Buffalo win over Miami would be nice.  We need Arizona to beat the Titans, Carolina to beat the Jets,  the 49ers to beat the Jags, and KC to pull an upset and beat San Diego. 

     By the way thank you Giants for laying a great big stinker in Denver on Thanksgiving Night.  You were the big turkeys that night.

     The Ravens are in the number eight spot.  A win tonight will jump us to the seventh spot.  Couple a Ravens win with a Jax lose and we’re tied for the sixth spot.  As that idiot owner out in Oakland used to say “just win baby.”  The Ravens with six games left still must pretty much win out to see post season.

     By the way if those obnoxious Pittsburgh terrible towel wimps cry about all the injuries, my response to them is a W is a W is a W, plain and simple.  But if by some chance the Purple Birds lose tonight, then get out of Dodge quickly, those that hail from the sewer called Pittsburgh will be even more obnoxious.  If that’s possible.


89-84-1 Against the Spread