It’s About Time

April 22, 2009 |

Finally, we saw Brad Bergeson pitch in Baltimore last night.  Anyone reading this blog knows he had a great first start.  He worked quickly, kept the ball down in the zone and most importantly, threw a lot of strikes.  Unless the kid completely tanks, he should be here to stay.  Hopefully his start last night paved the way for Chris Tillman to be the next prospect on the mound for the O’s. Adam Eaton has given up 10 runs in 8 innings of work.  The club has virtually no chance to win when he pitches, the players know it, Trembley knows it, and MacPhail knows it.  Tillman has been baffling Minor League hitters since he arrived in the organization.  I say one more sub-par start by Eaton and get the kid up here.  Fans don’t want to tune in to watch Adam Eaton pitch, and they certainly don’t want to buy a ticket.

It was great to see Lou Montanez in the lineup last night as well.  While he was only 1-4, that is one more hit than Felix Pie has had in the last week.  A combination of Montanez and Reimold should be taking left field every day for the Birds.  The official site is reporting that Montanez will be in the lineup again tonight, this time in-place of Pie.  Perhaps Trembley and MacPhail finally see what everyone else does in this guy.  He Stinks.

As guys like Eaton, Zaun (.132 batting average), and Pie continue to struggle and quite frankly cost the team victories, the calls for Tillman, Wieters, and Reimold will continue to grow even louder.  It’s April 22nd right now.  I’d be willing to bet, all three are in Baltimore by the end of May.