It’s Almost Here…Where Will You Be?

September 13, 2010 | Thyrl Nelson

All but two Week 1 games are in the books, and although I am about to burst with anticipation over the Ravens Monday Night showdown with the Jets, it was nice to spend the first weekend of the NFL season, right here on my couch, remote in hand and fantasy tickers rolling. And already football season has me stressed. I was climbing up the wall today when my Red Zone channel went on the fritz for more than an hour during the 1 o’clock games, and as I learned when I expressed as much on Twitter I apparently wasn’t alone there. What’s worse, I left both Arian Foster and Mercedes Lewis on the bench in my main fantasy league.


All in all though, it was a better weekend for me than it was for ACC football teams (Georgia Tech, Va Tech, Miami, Florida State and Virginia all lost out of conference) or NFL kickers (13 missed field goals between 10 kickers in 14 NFL games so far) so what do I have to complain about? And unlike fans of 14 other NFL teams, the Ravens are still undefeated as of today. Hopefully I’ll be able to say as much tomorrow.


If you don’t have plans for the game tonight, I’m sure hoping you’ll come out to join me. Heck…even if you do have plans, I hope you’ll cancel them and come down to Surf City tonight in Perry Hall. They have a gigantic bar area, with huge TVs strategically stationed, and lots of others spread about everywhere. I’ll be there for kickoff, hopefully with some cool Bud Light schwag in hand (and definitely with a cool Bud Light in hand), and they’re having plenty of specials on wings, crabs, pitchers and drafts.

Kickoff is at 7pm, so get there early to get a good seat. It’s Surf City Bar and Grill at 9654 Bel Air Road in Perry Hall (formerly the Perry Inn). Really hoping to see you there.

Surf City 410-256-7873



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