It’s back! 19 points to ponder

August 03, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I haven’t provided a “Points to Ponder” in quite sometime, probably because during baseball season in Baltimore we get tired of pondering losses.

Now that football season is here and baseball is dripping away, we can ponder a little more.   Feel free to comment if you’re so inclined.  If not, just read and enjoy. 

1. I would like to see O’s pitchers start wearing a hemp necklace like Boston’s Josh Beckett.  And, I’d like to see O’s pitchers PITCH like Josh Beckett. 

2. I’m not making this my official pick, yet, but I’m fairly certain I’m going to select the San Diego Chargers to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl in ’09.  They’re due.

3.  Other than those dorky glasses he wears, that kid Josh Reddick looks like he’s going to be a rock star for the Red Sox.  Just what we need…another guy in Beantown to drive us nuts.

4.  I’m afraid Jason Berken can’t do it.  Can’t strike anyone out.  Doesn’t have an “out pitch” to throw when he WANTS to strike someone out.  Looks to me like he’s just throwing, not pitching.  I’m not seeing it.

5.  I’ll take the Redskins to play in the Super Bowl from the NFC.

6.  Is there any chance Dusty Baker will be the next manager in Baltimore?

7.  Back to #5 above — ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – the Redskins will make the Super Bowl when friggin’ pigs fly.  I’ll give you my NFC pick next week.  Hint:  The South will rise again.

8.  In the tournament he won in Grand Blanc, Michigan this weekend, Tiger Woods attempted 43 putts within 5 feet of the hole.  Guess how many he made?  43.   Go to your course and scatter your golf balls around the hole and try 43 putts from above the hole, below the hole, left-to-right and right to left breaking putts — and get back to me with how many of the 43 you make.

9.  Jim Johnson’s not a closer.  Mind you, I haven’t seen enough of him to make a full assessment.  But he doesn’t have anything that’s overpowering.  I think he’s a good pitcher.  I just don’t see him being a closer. 

10.  With Dan Wilcox gone, I have to come up with a new “favorite Raven”.  I’m leaning towards Haloti Ngata.  Good man, outstanding player.  I’m also a big Jarrett Johnson fan.  This is gonna be tough. 

11.  I have to look a little more carefully at the layout of Hazeltine and see how it helps – or hurts – certain PGA Tour players…but I’m thinking about taking Sean O’Hair to win the PGA Championship in a couple of weeks.  More next week…

12.  Adam Jones is starting to look more and more like Dave Kingman (old school) or Ryan Howard (new school) to me.  He either hits it 400 feet or grounds out.  I’m not sure I like that. 

13.  I don’t know anything about fantasy football, but I was the guy who took Michael Turner last year and everyone in the WNST draft room laughed at me.  They won’t be laughing this year when I take Carson Palmer as my quarterback and rack up big numbers. 

14.  Victor Martinez was available?  Wow.  And the Red Sox got him?  Wow x 2.  I wonder if the O’s were interested?  Probably not. 

15.  Something tells me L.J. Smith isn’t going to be a great addition in Baltimore.  I’m not sure why I think that but I do.  It might have something to do with his injuries?  Yeah, that’s it.

16.  I heard Michael Phelps’ favorite all-time band is Oingo Bongo.  (OK, that was bad).

17.  Compass Pointe golf course is in great shape.  36 holes there…make a day of it.  It’s really a hidden jewel. 

18.  Lee Westwood’s caddy says Westwood is better than Tiger Woods.  One of the knocks on professional caddies is that they drink way too much. 

19.  John Harbaugh starts every press conference by saying to the assembled press corps:  “Hi, thanks for coming out.”  Dave Trembley ends every press conference by saying something like, “OK?  That does it.”  Of course, if I managed the O’s, I’d be gruff after every loss as well.