It’s OK to mail it in, but only on Friday

February 19, 2010 | Drew Forrester

I’d like to make this a regular feature at

Every good feature needs a name.  How about:  “It’s OK to mail it in…this time.”

I’ll take the best e-mail questions of the week, perhaps shave them down a bit for brevity sake, and produce both the question and my answer here.

You can always get in the fun for next week’s edition my e-mailing me something during the week at:

It’s time to “mail it in”.

> Joe from somewhere around town, I suppose, writes:

“Drew, what do you personally want Tiger to say on Friday?”

DF: I really don’t care.  I just want the guy to play golf again.  I’m not bothered that much by what happened to him. That’s for Tiger to deal with on his own terms.  I admire Tiger the golfer.  If he comes back and wins golf tournaments, I’ll be happy. 

> Phil writes:

Just wondering what your explanation is for the fact that the MASN PR guy (Todd somebody) appeared on the 1370 station to explain the spring training games decision?

DF: That’s simple.  No one at 1370 is going to criticize MASN for it.  In fact, if they get any more cozy with the team, the adult film industry might converge on the 1370 studios to film it in Hi-Def.  I have to give the O’s credit for one thing, and this, of course extends to MASN as well because they’re essentially siamese twins when it comes to marketing and PR.  The O’s have done a very good job of making nearly every media member in town afraid of them. They’ve put fear in everyone’s heart.  No one wants to criticize them anymore because they know if they do, there’s a really good chance that there will be some kind of fallout or backlash from it.  So Todd (and Webster is his last name) went on 1370 to offer his explanation because he knew there wouldn’t be any resistance over there.  Smart PR, even if it’s a slap in the face to the subscribers.  But why would they care about that? (Editor’s note;  I ranted about this on Friday in our “Cheap Shots from The Bleachers” segment.  Go to our Audio Vault to hear me hammer these bozos at MASN who are afraid of tough questions.)

> George Truefel writes:

What pitcher do you think starts opening day for the Birds?

DF: Brian Matusz.  Logic would tell you that it might be Millwood simply because he’s the veteran of the starting rotation, but I think they’ll hand the ball to Matusz as a symbolic gesture — “here you go kid, we’re gonna turn the staff over to you”.

> Vince writes:

Hey Drew, who wins the Match Play tournament on the PGA Tour this week?

DF: I’m took Ian Poulter to beat Carl Schwartzel in the final. 

> Jonathan writes:

My buddies and I discussed this over the weekend and I want to throw it to you too.  What’s the best and worst case scenario for the Orioles this coming year in terms of max amount of wins and max amount of losses?  Thanks.

DF: Max amount of wins, if everything goes right, their chakras stay in line and either the Yankees or Red Sox throw a shoe…84 wins.  Max amount of losses would be 95.  They can’t possibly be a 66-win (or worse) team.  They just can’t be.  But if they had some injuries and Jones or Markakis suffered an injury that knocked them out for 50 games, they could lose 95.  I don’t see it though.  I think they’re a 77 win team.

> Devon writes:

Any thoughts on the Wizards trading Butler, Haywood and Jamison?  Guess they’re gunning for a high draft pick.

DF: My thought is that I find it almost unthinkable that a team trades away their three best players with 20 games left and then expects fans to still pay full-boat for the tickets.  That’s the biggest disgrace of the whole thing.  I understand getting rid of guys at the deadline, I really do.  But you can’t wreck your team on purpose and then charge people the same money you were charging in November or December when you’re actually trying to win games with a real team.  That’s one of the problems with the Orioles.  They’ve lost for 12 years in a row, at times they’ve dismantled their team and they’ve almost tried to lose on purpose to start the process of trying to win again…and they’ve RAISED prices.  I don’t know how the Wizards management folks can sleep at night.

> Jeff of York, PA writes:

Who wins the Olympic gold medal in hockey?

DF:  I’ll take Canada.  Not because I like Sidney Crosby.  Because I like Rush, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Mike Weir and Alanis Morrissette.  “Oh Canada, my home and native land…”