It’s play-in time…here are my 8

May 30, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Yeah, I know, we can only vote for FOUR guys in the play-in portion of our King of Baltimore Sports tournament.

Let’s just say I’m going through a “process”, OK?

I’ve reviewed the names of the potential play-in candidates and I have eight (8) players on my list.  How I’m going to get that list down to the required four is beyond me, but I will.

Anyway, here are my eight I’m currently considering:

Mark Belanger

Peter Boulware

Mike Curtis

Todd Heap

Bert Jones

Earl Monroe

Rafael Palmeiro

Ken Singleton

I actually know one of the players above that is DEFINITELY going to one of my four, so really, I’m trying to come up with three more, not four.

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