It’s Raining at Dover …

June 03, 2007 | WNST Interns

It’s difficult to fathom a more miserable place to be this morning. There are more than 150,000 people set to converge on the "Monter Mile" for today’s NASCAR Nextel Cup race. A steady falling rain, which began earlier this morning is forecasted to last into tomorrow …. all thanks to Tropical Storm Barry.

The prospect of postponing today’s race, until tomorrow is a last resort option for everyone involved. All the fans are tentatively committed to returning to their daily lives and NASCAR wants to carry their circus to the next town. So, I expect this day to exist in a "hold pattern" into the late afternoon, before a decision is rendered.

Yesterday, we were treated to a great Busch Grand National race, which was won by Carl Edwards. As expected and desired, Edwards performed his trademark backflip from the car, upon crossing the start/finish line. This was impressive …. given the track’s steep banking.

We also had an opportunity to get deep into a conversation with FOX’S Jeff Hammond. We talked about performance enhancing substances, player/driver unions and personal character. I found Jeff to be forthright and opinionated in his responses …. there weren’t any "yes/no" responses from Mr. Hammond. The entire interview will be downloaded and available on the WNST site in the next day.

Well, it’s time to head into the campgrounds and hangout with the folks who pay the bills for this sport. I’ll be checking back later today ….